Samsung S9 Tempered Glass Defender


The Tempered Glass Defender is strengthened through a unique chemical process and provides maximum protection through a multi-layered construction. Designed to fit the Samsung S9, this 9H glass screen protector features an anti-fingerprint coating to retain its perfectly clear visibility while remaining highly sensitive to your touchscreen device. Protect your screen with the Samsung S9 screen protector!

The Samsung S9 Defender is designed with NoBlue™ Technology, which is a barrier between harmful blue light exposure and your eyes. NoBlue™ can help improve your sleep, reduce eye damage, and mitigate eye strain while helping you stay focused and less fatigued.

When you use technology at night, the blue light emanating from your device disrupts your melatonin production and sleep patterns. NoBlue™ Technology uses invisible particles to block the blue wavelengths emitted from your device without distorting color perception. Plus, it helps protect your eyes from the damaging effects of blue light.

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